And the memory keepers

And the memory keepers.

For the DEEP Feelers,

For the DEEP Feelers

I show what’s real about you in a raw and romantic light so you see it as I do.

I’m obsessed with the substantial - I’d sooner dig into a family photo album than peek at the cover of a Vogue Magazine.

I connect with those who work with their hands as much as they speak with them. I’m tied to mothers who are crazy for their crazy children. I want to hear the love stories, the little details that make you crazy about your fiancee, that made you say yes. I understand the fears of a mother still growing her child and worried and anxious with all the unknowns of what’s to come.

Not because I’m uninterested in people

But because I’m deeply interested in who people are.

I've always struggled with small talk.

To you, I know there is more to you than meets the eye. That’s what I want to show the world.

My life has informed the way I see people and their lives. I connect with those who feel the fullness of life.

I grew up on a farm where my jeans got dirty, my knee skinned and my hair tangled.

I saw a lot of the rawness of life and death from a young age. The passing of animals, of family, of youth. And, most impactfully, of my father. When he passed, the world seemed a little less bright for it. My faith in Christ has helped me endure.

I've always seen life deeply, romantically and really rawly.

My father was a self-made, salt-of-the-earth kind of man.

He had a way of storytelling, with grand hand gestures. He would wear his denim work overalls while alpine skiing. He took each day of life for the thrill of it.

What I come from

over 250+ families and 90+ weddings trusted to document...

Let’s connect, deeply.

If you’re looking to be seen as the most romantic version of yourself, I am here to show that.

I love the beauty that I can find in a family, even amidst a toddler tantrum, anticipating tears before they come on a wedding day, a head thrown back in laughter, or your grandparents holding hands as you say your vows. I understand that life can change in an instant and looking back on photos is such a gift.

I want you to feel at ease in front of my camera because I know how icky it is to feel uncomfortable and unsure. I promise to offer guidance and reassurance as needed while also allowing your unique nuances to shine and for natural moments to unfold- as these are often the most special. I know not everyone wants to spill their heart when they first meet someone, but I promise to help create a comfortable space for us.

I’m here to tell the story of you and yours as it is. That favorite uncle giving a wedding speech that everyone can’t help but share a knowing look about, the celebratory moment you got your baby to stop crying, a toddler sitting tall atop dad's shoulders, holding your beloved and every cell of your being saying: “I love you heart, body and soul.”

I Need to document the real beauty of life.

Wedding & Family Photographer in Berkshire County, MA

Sadie Elizabeth